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Membership Chair
The Membership Chair welcomes any new guest, new members, hosts introductions and helps new members connect with other members in the Denver/Rocky Mountain Chapter. The Membership Chair also helps navigate our member base and brings ideas about to recruit members of other industries, millennial's, students, other companies in the area, etc.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair
The Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair is responsible for creating a pipeline of sponsors and working with the board to contact those sponsors and gain monies for our chapter. The fundraising chair also collects information and does drawings for our giveaways, including our annual giveaway as well.

Events Chair
The Events Chair is responsible for planning our monthly networking luncheons and events in popular restaurants throughout the city. This Chair is active with decision making and ideas based on when and where we meet. The Networking Chair also helps with marketing and promotion of events.

Community Outreach Chair
The Outreach Committee is the community service chair of the Denver Chapter. They provide volunteer opportunities and help with our Annual Volunteer Event in November. Right now we are working with Metro Caring but we are also wanting to expand this reach to other verticals helping women. This would be a quarterly commitment. 

Marketing Chair
The chair will work with our Colorado PAC group through NAIFA to keep us all informed of the political movements within this industry. We are going to team up with NAIFA on the Hill! This chair will also help with creating a newsletter and ideas for marketing and social media.


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